TIP. How to color Matlab syntax on Nano

Nano is quite simple and straightforward text editor you can use in Unix/Linux/OSX environment. If you are engineering/science student who codes a lot in Matlab but your situation does not allows you to develop code in Matlab GUI, using text editor like nano is good option but the fact that syntax coloring is not supported natively hinders your productivity.

So here, I brought a good solution to color your Matlab syntax on Nano editor.

  1. Open (or make) nano configuration file at your home directory
    nano ~/.nanorc
  2. Paste following lines into the file and save.
    # Matlab/Octave syntax colors
    syntax "octave" "\.m$" "\.octaverc$"
    # keywords
    color brightyellow "(case|catch|do|else(if)?|for|function|if|otherwise|switch|try|until|unwind_protect(_cleanup)?|vararg(in|out)|while)"
    color brightyellow "end(_try_catch|_unwind_protect|for|function|if|switch|while)?"
    color magenta "(break|continue|return)"
    # storage-type
    color green "(global|persistent|static)"
    # data-type
    color green "(cell(str)?|char|double|(u)?int(8|16|32|64)|logical|single|struct)"
    # embraced
    color brightred start="\(" end="\)"
    color blue start="\[|\{" end="\]|\}"
    # strings
    color yellow ""(\\.|[^\"])*"|'(\\.|[^\"])*'"
    # comments
    color brightblue "#.*|%.*"


Now, you can enjoy your Matlab coding in Nano!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.49.33 AM.png


Reference: http://wiki.octave.org/Nano


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