Talker, or doer

This morning, I heard from a friend of mine that he knows many people in IT industry. Especially those who know and talks a lot about technologies.

After a while, when I thought about the talk, it came to my mind that there exists two kinds of people in IT industry or someone in technology. The doer and talker. As technologies and IT are going to be important issues and mainstreams of the world we live, there are many attractions in those areas such as money and good opportunities. Thereby, some people going to be pretend that they are expert in those areas persuing goodies of this area can give.

As a computer science student, I also admit that sometimes I talk about IT trends or new gadgets. However, from this morning’s talk, I came thought about what is being doer (or, in order words, creator) and how it is hard to be and also very good thing in this age.

Without writing a piece of code, or spending whole night to design a circuit, it is hard to say they really know about technology and know about the future of technology. Knowing about technology is not on one’s mouth, but it is on one’s hands and experience. Likewise, I believe that one who opens tomorrow’s technology is one who writes code today.


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