Characteristics of places that I like to work and learn

Suddenly, while I am finding seat at a library where I used to come, a slight thought of characteristics of places where I like to study. Mostly, I go to where I used to go without acknowledging its features. But when I think about the common conditions of places that I feel it makes me more comfortable and productive, there exist some characteristics those places. If I list a few, it would be like following;

  • Good ventilation – I believe fresh air is important to activity of our brain as oxygen in our blood is vital to every cells in my body
  • Moderate sound – Especially I prefer sounds of someone typing his keyboard, brewing of coffee, or any sound that gives me liveliness.
  • Has window – If no window exist, sometimes I feel oppressed and tedious. In addition, always nice view gives us good feelings.

If there exist some more ideas, I will add it to this list.


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